Management consulting for Russian and foreign companies

Our company provides management consulting services to Russian and foreign companies. 

Our range of services includes, among other things, the following items:

  • Preparation of the company's development strategy, preparation of a business plan, analysis of the current business model and its optimization
  • Restructuring and building an effective management system of the organization
  • Development of a plan to increase revenue and optimize costs
  • Develop a plan to increase the productivity of the organization and business processes
  • Development of a strategy to attract customers and marketing policy, building an effective marketing strategy
  • Analysis of product markets, analysis of competitors, dynamics of production and consumption, development of new technologies
  • Optimization of logistics and technological processes in the organization
  • Structuring of reorganization, merger and acquisition (M & A)
  • Creation of corporate culture, personnel consulting, restructuring of the corporate environment of the enterprise
  • Project management
  • Post-consultation on project implementation
  • Management training in the organization
  • Preparation of studies on certain issues