Representation of Russian and foreign companies in the Russian market

Search for potential partners

When entering the Russian market, many foreign companies face a problem in the absence of an up-to-date database and information on manufacturers, traders and consumers of products in the industry. We can offer you a service to find potential partners of Your products in Russia. We have a wide database of companies in Russia. 

 This service includes the following stages of work:

  • Coordination with the customer of the draft letter of request for cooperation
  • Sending letters to Russian companies from the selected industry, as well as duplication by e-mail
  • Receiving answers from Russian companies, conducting telephone conversations with companies and providing comments on the negotiations, coordinating the first meeting with potential partners. 
  • Representation of the client company in Russia (provision of office and staff)

One of our most interesting offers is the representation of a foreign company in Russia through our office in Moscow. We can offer companies that are not ready to enter the Russian market at the moment through their representative office or subsidiary, a service to provide a job and a competent employee who will fully represent the company in the Russian market.

This service is as follows:

Our company enters into a service agreement with a foreign client company, under which we provide services to represent the interests of the client in Russia. The package includes your own postal address and telephone number. We provide our company with an employee who will represent the interests of the customer, who speaks German or English, has a technical education. If this candidate is not suitable, we are ready to choose a candidate based on the wishes of our client. If necessary, our staff is trained at the customer's company to study the technical aspects of its products.   The duties of the employee include:

  • active search for new customers
  • work with customers,
  • receiving and processing instructions from the responsible persons of the customer company,
  • processing of correspondence,
  • preparation for the arrival of the customer's representatives and organization of meetings with Russian partners,
  • preparation for participation in exhibitions, seminars and conferences,
  • conduct marketing research
  • work on translation of technical documentation for products
  • working with distributors
  • work on the company's website and implementation of work on advertising products 

The benefit of this service is that Your company does not expend funds on the creation of private firms in Russia, the search and lease of office, also for recruitment of the employee, and the responsibility for its maintenance including the timely payment of wages and his dismissal, there is no cost accounting and tax accounting of the representative offices or subsidiaries in Russia.

We take on the costs of hiring an employee, providing him with premises, the risks associated with hiring him to work under an employment contract. You enter into a contract with us only for the provision of representation services and in any case you have the right to terminate it, without risking to be associated with any labor or administrative formalities. During the entire period of services you focus only on promoting Your products on the Russian market, we take all administrative formalities. In this case, you bear the costs associated with the representation of Your company in Russia, much less than if you went to the market through a representative office or a subsidiary.