Legal advice on contract, corporate, banking, tax, and employment law

Our company provides services in the following areas:

Corporate law:

  • Implementation of mergers and acquisitions

  • Corporate structuring and reorganization of legal entities

  • Legal audit

  • Establishment of joint ventures, including those with foreign capital

  • Registration of securities

  • Antimonopoly legislation

  • Resolution of corporate disputes, including through mediation

  • Participation in bankruptcy proceedings on the side of the creditor or debtor

  • We represent the interests of creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings of a foreign company abroad

Contract law:

  • preparation and verification of foreign trade contracts for the sale of equipment, materials, etc.

  • preparation and verification of loan agreements, loan agreements, surety agreements, commissions, etc.

  • maintenance of contractual documentation

  • advice on conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts

Tax law:

  • Tax consulting and tax audit

  • Tax legal minimization - development of schemes to reduce the tax burden for Russian and foreign companies

  • Resolution of tax disputes

  • Investment projects-taxation

  • Transactions-tax assessment and calculation, determination of tax risks

  • Personal income tax, advice, filing of returns

  • For tax residents of the Russian Federation - services related to controlled foreign companies (CFC)

  • FATCA (FATCA), the taxation of foreign accounts of U.S. persons.

  • Taxation in foreign countries

Labour law:

  • Advice on labour legislation

  • preparation and verification of employment contracts, amendments to them, as well as documentation on termination of employment contracts

  • preparation of internal labor documents of the organization (regulations on internal labor regulations, regulations on confidential information, internal job descriptions, etc.).)

  • maintenance of labor documentation

  • resolution of labor disputes, participation in court

  • advice on migration legislation

  • registration of a work permit for foreign citizens from abroad, including HQs

  • registration of invitations to Russia for foreign employees


  • Legal support of real estate transactions, including land plots (purchase and sale, leasing, mortgage)

  • Development and construction

  • Legal support of investment projects

  • Registration of real estate transactions

  • We also provide advice on banking legislation, provide advice on financing and taxation of the company