Product certification for import to Russia

When importing some goods from abroad into Russia, the importer or exporter of these goods must certify the goods in accordance with national standards. Conditions of certification of goods are fixed by the Federal law of December 27, 2002 N 184-FZ"on technical regulation". According to art. 29 of this Law, if the imported products are subject to mandatory confirmation of compliance with national standards, then for its placement under a certain customs regime, for example, release into free circulation, the importer must present a Declaration of conformity or a certificate of conformity. 

Goods subject to mandatory certification:

Goods that are subject to mandatory certification in accordance with the list approved by the state standard of the Russian Federation. Such goods include:
food and beverages;
gasoline, engine oils and fuel, kerosene;
perfumes and cosmetics;
fur and leather goods;
building materials;
clothing and fabrics;
children's goods,
household appliances;
computer and office equipment;
means of communication;
cars and motorcycles, 
machinery and equipment. 

Certificates are issued by organizations authorized by the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology (formerly Gosstandart).
To get a certificate, you need to apply to one of these organizations for certification. Not later than a month the certifying organization provides a list of necessary technical documentation and a list of testing laboratories.
The test laboratory should provide samples of products. It then issues a test report. The Protocol and other technical documentation is analyzed by the certifying organization, it also makes a decision on the issuance of the certificate or refusal.
The validity period of each certificate is determined by the certifying organization and may not exceed three years.
There are a number of international agreements on mutual recognition of certificates. This means that imported goods are certified abroad, and the Russian certification organization issues a certificate of recognition of the foreign certificate.
When concluding a foreign economic contract, it is necessary to provide for the obligation of a foreign supplier to submit a certificate.
Certificates or certificates of their recognition are submitted to the customs together with the cargo customs Declaration and are necessary documents for obtaining a permit for the import of products into the territory of Russia.
To customs you need to send a copy of the certificate, certified by a notary or organization that issued the certificate.
If the certificate is issued abroad, its copy must be certified by the issuing organization and apostilled.
If at the time of arrival of the goods at the customs certificate of conformity is not received, within two months the goods can be stored at the customs.
During this period, you must obtain a certificate.
For this purpose, the importer may take samples and samples of imported goods with the permission of the customs.
For the storage of goods in the customs warehouse must pay a fee for customs storage.

In addition, when importing some goods into the territory of Russia, it is necessary to have: 
The corresponding permission from the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance - for import of plants, animals, feed, etc.
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion – with the who study materials, perfumes and cosmetics, medical equipment, ionizers, home appliances for drinking water, novyih materials for drinking water etc. the Conclusion is issued by structural divisions of the Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection. 

Certificate of state registration of new food products in the case of import of new food products, materials and products, perfumes and cosmetics, products and products for oral hygiene and tobacco products. The certificate is issued by the Department of Gossanepidnadzor of the Ministry of health of Russia. 

The coordinates of these institutions can be found in the links section. 

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