Освобождение иностранных граждан, имеющих РВП, от получения разрешения на работу

The Federal law of 30.12.2012 N 320-FZ "about modification of the Federal law "on legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation" is adopted" 

Now, foreign citizens temporarily residing in the Russian Federation are exempt from obtaining a work permit. 

Also, the order of attraction of highly qualified foreign specialists, and also foreign workers as a part of crews of vessels is improved. 

Employers (customers of works, services) received the right to send to the FMS of Russia and its territorial bodies, the petition for attracting highly qualified foreign specialists (applications for extension of validity period of issued work permits) in the form of electronic document with use is information-telecommunication networks of the General using, including a network the Internet, including Single portal of public and municipal services