Review of the article " customer loyalty Management companies"

Review of the article "customer loyalty Management companies", an independent consultant of " Eastern European Consulting»

The article highlights the approaches to increase the profitability of the company and banks through the use of customer loyalty management programs.

Loyalty management programs for clients of companies and banks allow to increase the company's revenues by retaining customers and offering them new services.

Loyalty programs allow, for example:

to retain customers,

attract new customers,

to improve the reputation of the company or Bank in the market,

to attract highly qualified specialists,

to increase productivity,

motivate employees,

increase the value of the company.

There are various loyalty management tools, such as:

customer survey,

incentive program,

customer relationship management,

complaints management system,

improving the quality of products and services,

the variety of services offered,

price policy,

single database,

motivation of Bank employees, etc.

The article also touched upon aspects of the methodology and software of loyalty programs, as well as examples from the practice of such large banks as Deutsche Bank, CitiBank, Barclays Bank