Amendments to the Civil code of the Russian Federation. First step. Some changes were made to the first Chapter of the civil code.

The Law on amendments to certain provisions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation was signed. 
(Federal law No. 302-FZ of 30.12.2012 " on amendments to chapters 1,2,3 and 4 of the first part of the Civil code of the Russian Federation")

The changes affect the provisions of some articles of the first part of the civil code, namely:

-the concept of "custom ", i.e. "established and widely used in any field of business or other activity, not provided by the legislation the rule of conduct, regardless of whether it is fixed in any document."; 

- the procedure of state registration of rights to property is determined. The law does not contain a provision that requires notarization of real estate transactions.  The right of a person whose right has been registered before to make a note of an objection to a registered right is also enshrined;

- the procedure for compensation of damage caused by lawful actions of state bodies;

- the procedure for recognition of a citizen as incapable and limitation of the legal capacity of a citizen, the procedure for the establishment of guardianship and the performance of guardians and Trustees of their duties;

- General procedure for the creation of peasant (farm) economy. 

January, 2013